Lady Grey's

Not bad 


Time was that the Adelphi atracted a clientele that might be best described as 'football hooligan scum', noted for visits by the gremlins, slashings and general violence. Fortunately the forces of law and order intervened and Lady Grey's is something of a contrast. The only football shirt you'd see in Lady Grey's will be a post modern statement made by wearing 1930s Spartak Moscow away kit.

Bar staff do seem to be selected on the basis of 'please supply photograph of the applicant in a swimsuit and with their ladies hockey team' so that the service can be somewhat variable.


Though they offer the usual collection of home-made brews filled with twigs, their forte is high quality craft beers. I can reccommend the Schnieder Weiss Tap6, though my consumption of 6 bottles and a pint of Brooklyn left me with a hangover which I d have swapped for a dental abcess in an instant.


Oh it shuts at 2am... mmmmmmmmm