Make mine a coke !

Let's set to one side a financial track record so colourful it makes Greece seem like an exercise in fiscal prudence with a AAA credit rating, Popolo seems to be edging ahead in the running for the Bar 38 'worst bar on the Quayside' trophy.  

Should anyone want an avoid like leperspit review might I point them at Popolo. It had the single redeeming feature of being open, and after an abstemious night I was tempted to a beer and Mrs NP and a couple of friends were unwise enough to lead the way:


  • No branded glasses, not even for Duvel. Apparently it's a policy to not have branded glasses. That's a level of idiocy on a par with serving steak in a soup bowl because you have a policy to not use plates.

  • Beers.... well, when the premium beers [sold at premium prices] were decanted into the [wrong] glasses the head disappeared faster than Anne Boleyn's.

  • The beer tasted as if it had been strained through a brillo pad, or perhaps a creditors' report.

  • An active decision to not use branded glasses left me taking the easy way out and having a coke, something it's tough to get wholly wrong.

  • To put a cap on a perfect Quayside drinking experience a group of chaps arrived with their takeaway, plonked themselves at a table and having ordered drinks proceeded to tuck in - a sort of restaurant corkage in reverse.


You have to try hard to make one of the Quayside's premium properties have an ambience and quality of product on a par with the Beehive, but.... they managed it.


Avoid, really avoid, if you're that desparate pop into one of the local off licences and drink Diamond White in a bus shelter with your kebab. It will taste better and at least you're drinkng from the right vessel.


However given their colourful financial track record I am sure we can look forwards to another change of operator.....