The Town Wall

They even showed me their kitchen


If you have something good you want to show it off - that s certainly my view when I expose myself to strangers :).  Now just imagine the owners of Pumphrey's offering to take you on a tour of their kitchen, perhaps Gothams might let you check the quality of their line cleaning... On my first vist to the Town Wall they management gave me a tour, a real tour, of the cinema in the basement and then, fuck me, the kitchen. 


A decent menu and a good selection of American and European craft beers, only spoiled by Stella Black,,,,, ah Stella Black..... it s not black and it bears as much relationship to Belgian Stella as it does to Hercule Poirot. Perhaps it's a test, if you order it, two men in black put a sack over your head and they bundle you into Gothams, leaving you to catch something that penicillin won't cure.