I'm sure your mother said this to you too 'If you can't think of anything nice to say then don't say anything at all'. Ok........................





Nah fuck that...... it's a shit hole serving piss to pond life. You're not sure, I'm being too harsh. Bollocks; lets look at the evidence shall we. Forget for a moment the stained interior [I mean the pub, not the customers], forget the selection of drinks which runs the gamut from Fosters to John Smiths, forget seats which resemble something from Grimebusters [I have in mind episodes where Mrs Bloggs has died in her armchair and been eaten and pissed on by her cats for 3 years]. Raffertys takes its style cues and customers from the Bigg Market. In fact as with all poor copies it's much worse than the real thing, yes it's worse then Pumphreys. Now how many bars can say that.


Instead of berating the urine soacked seats and customers let's instead look at the neighbors. We'be lost the gloriously eccentric Jazz Cafe, there remains the  smegma palace that is Gotham Town. How, how, how could anyone with enough brain cells to drop their pants before they have a shit venture into Raffertys when they could walk a further 20 metres and stagger into the Forth or The Town Wall.


Any bar filled with customers who prefer Rafftery's to the Forth should be walled up with, in best bubonic plague style, the customers left inside. Give it 6 weeks and it will start to smell better.


Sorry Mother but Raffertys. shit shit shit cack shit, shit shit !


Oh and even better, it's another EDL favorite.......charming.