The Brandling Villa

Dog Friendly.... in a good way

Usually when a Newcastle pub describes itself as 'dog friendly' you might assume that it's the quality of the ladies that waddle through the doors. The Brandling is rather different. I might be falling apart in my old age, but save for the fact that it's a 45 minute hike from my front door it s about perfect. The seats are just soft enough, the decor is just shabby enough.


The burger menu takes the piss out of local celebrities [including the vacuous waste of skin that is Cheryl Tweedy].  I love the look of the 'dirty thoughts of Cheryl Cole' platter ... with it's burger, Greggs sasauge roll, Heinz beans and cheese... I m sure that Cheryl knows little if anything about meat and cheese in the same place.... It also looks more appealing than her godawful tatooed arse.


In any event, it's fantastic, a Canadian ale house in Newcastle with 10 hand pull beers [including an oyster stout - Michael Collin's favorite - during my last visit].


If you don't like the Brandling... you re a twat. Say it out loud and I ll see if we can get all the dog owners to set their animals on you... it's all you deserve.