Victoria 22

Who the fuck's Victoria and is she a size 22?

I've lost the will to lve trying to remember the number of incarnations this property has traed as: Hanrahans [a fun pub for fucks sake], Casa, Charlies [a statement about the owners or their social life perhaps], Tavistock, Black pearl, Foodie burger or some other wankfest]. Now it's Victoria 22.


I can only assume it's named after some lard arse the owner fancies. Fortunately NCC as realised that given half a chance this will end up as a student vritical drinking vomit fest and they have the licence set up to limit the number of drinkers. long may it continue, the policy  that is, not the bar.


The bar will be shut in 6 months.. was. It's now Sambucca home of the 3 course for a fiver lunch. Call Egon Ronay.. quick